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Premium Dog Training & Pet Behavior Services

In-Person In-Home and Virtual Training,
Based in New York City & Orange County, CA and Servicing Nationwide

At Trick-N-Treat Dog Training, our certified professional dog trainers and behavior experts excel at handcrafting wonderful training experiences for both you and your pet. We believe in a science-based, force-free training style where learning occurs through motivation and positive reinforcement. With our 1-on-1 focused training sessions and a customized curriculum, you can expect noticeable results, lasting improvements, and a stronger bond between you and your furry friend. Kickstart your journey with your pup today at Trick-N-Treat Dog Training!

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Private Training Sessions
(Virtual and In Person)
Know exactly how to train your dog! These coaching sessions produce the best results.
Day Training
Busy schedule? We will take care of the training.
Puppy Package
A new four-legged family member? We are here for you every step of the way.
Cat and Exotic Species Training
Cats, Ferrets, Rabbits, Reptiles... From tricks to problem behaviors - fun sessions are for everyone!
Chat with a Trainer
Our most budget friendly, low-cost option in the form of Q&A consulting. Chat with a professional trainer through email/text, 7 days a week.
24/7 supervision in a real home environment. Board your pet in our trainers' home for a fun and accelerated learning experience!
Other Services
Other services are offered on a case-by-case basis. Contact us to learn more!

Some of Our Specialized Areas

Puppy training
✓ Finding/preparing for a puppy
✓ Introduction to dogs/cats/babies
✓ Puppy mouthing/biting
✓ House training
✓ Crate training
✓ Puppy socialization

Obedience training
✓ Simple & advanced tricks
✓ Basic manners
✓ Leashing training/heeling
✓ Relationship building
Behavior Modification Training / Problem Behaviors
✓ Shelter/rescue dogs
✓ Fearfulness
✓ Reactivity to people/dogs
✓ Excessive Barking
✓ overarousal/overexcitement
✓ Leash Manners
✓ Impulse Control
✓ Separation Anxiety
✓ Dog/human Aggression
✓ Resource Guarding
✓ Handling sensitivity
Cat and exotic species training
✓ Tricks(sit, high-five, etc.)
✓ Name recognition
✓ Leash walking
✓ Outdoor sensitivity
✓ Fearfulness
✓ Aggression

And many more! Contact us if you need help with something else.

What Our Clients Say

The best dog trainer that I’ve ever come across with!
Cally's unique ability of building a connection with pets is incredible, and I’m just amazed that Sklyer quickly followed her lead and picked up some new skills. And most importantly, I really appreciate that instead of punishment and dominance, Cally uses the most up-to-date, scientific methods to help us, making training such a positive and fun experience.
Mandy X.
Client from Los Angeles, CA
Dog: Sklyer
Dog: Mango
An exceptional dog trainer!
Cally arrived well prepared for Mango and his reactivity issues. She took her time to explain every step and why Mango would react. Thanks to Cally, Mango is doing so much better!!
Amy D.
Client from Irvine, CA
Cat: Jolie
Absolutely stunned by the results!
I didn’t know cats could be trained until Cally stepped in. In just two sessions, my cat learned to perform tricks like giving a paw, sit, and nose touch. Moreover, I was able to use the skill set that Cally taught me to train my friend’s dogs. I am extremely satisfied with Cally’s services and would recommend her without a second thought!
Sean A.
Client from New York City, NY
Unbelievable results!
My dog has always had the worst separation anxiety. I wouldn’t leave her side for more than five minutes before she broke down into a full on panic attack. Cally’s training for creating positive associations truly changed my life for the better and made my dog a happier little fluff ball.
Juliana W.
Client from Los Angeles, CA
Dog: Bubu
Changed my foster dogs’ lives!
As a foster volunteer, housetraining and obedience behaviors have been critical in helping my dogs find their forever homes. Cally’s services have helped multiple of my fosters become perfectly house trained in weeks! I especially appreciate her force-free approach, which has helped these dogs gain the confidence they need in their new homes!
Lili H.
Client from New York City, NY
Dog: Pulchis

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