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Cally Liu,

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CCPDT CertifiedKPA CertifiedFear Free CertifiedIAABC Member

An avid animal lover and professional behavior specialist, Cally graduated from New York University and worked at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(ASPCA) Adoption Center and Animal Care Centers(ACC) of NYC, two of the biggest animal shelters in NYC, where she designed and implemented behavioral management and training programs for shelter dogs and cats.

Cally was certified by the leading organizations in the animal training profession, including The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers(CCPDT), Karen Pryor Academy(KPA), and Fear Free. She has over 700 hours of experience in private consulting, coaching, and training sessions with clients who own dogs, cats, and exotic species.

Cally is also a content creator with a combined viewership of over 1.3 million on YouTube and Bilibili. Via these online platforms, Cally strives to improve the lives of animals and their owners by providing detailed, step-by-step guides on pet training and behavioral modification.


We are committed to using a force-free, reward-based training method that is both humane and scientifically proven to be more effective. We also incorporate clicker training - a highly endorsed variant of positive-reinforcement based training by adding a marker sound - into our curriculum when needed.

Benefits of positive reinforcement based training/clicker training

Fallouts of punishment / force based training

✓ Faster and more effective results by accelerating learning
✗ Stops the accelerated learning process; unstable/unpredictable results
✓ Always strengthens the human-animal bond
✗ Damages trust between you and your pet
✓ Long-term retention and recall - behaviors taught this way can hardly be forgotten
✗ Easily forgotten in the absence of punishment; animal might become desensitized to the aversive
✓ Encourages creativity and initiative, brings about a pet that loves and always wants to learn
✗ Leads to little to no desire to learn, creates stress and reluctance during training
✓ Builds confidence and enthusiasm, grants a more stable personality
✗ Makes the animal fearful, aggressive, anxious, or uncertain
✓ forgives human mistakes - a misstep or two will impinge the result
✗ requires an extremely high level of accuracy and skills; has little to no margin of error
✓ Provides clarity - animal knows exactly what to do
✗ does not teach the correct behavior, leaving the animal confused, may redirect and cause other problem behaviors
✓ lowers the risk for aggression
✗ increases the risk for aggression
✓ animal learns internal control
✗ internal control not learned
✓ anyone in the family, regardless of their age or physical condition, can do the training
✗ Has physical requirements for who can do the training, such as strength

Our training tactics strictly adhere to guidance provided by the Humane Hierarchy and LIMA(least intrusive, minimally aversive) behavior intervention.

By keeping up with the latest scientific findings in animal behavioral science and regularly attending conferences and seminars for training and behavior, our trainers have the most updated tools to help your pet succeed. We strive to help you construct a life-long communication and teaching system between you and your pet. Let training be a game that is always fun for both of you!