Day Training

If you have a specific goal in mind and want to save time on training your furry friend, we can do the training for you!

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What To Expect

Start with an Initial Online Session

After the free consultation, all clients will start with an initial online session.

Here's why

Peace of Mind

Our trainer will spend most of the sessions working directly with your dog without requiring your presence. You will meet with our trainer periodically for progress check-in and behavior maintenance.

Cooperative Training

While you do not need to train your dog from scratch on your own, you can expect better and quicker results if you communicate with the trainer actively and follow the instructions to manage or maintain the trained behaviors on a regular basis.

Day Training Works Best For

  • Pet parents who just want specific behaviors to be trained and only have time for maintaining behaviors

  • New behaviors, such as tricks and basic cues(sit, down, paw, etc.)

  • Performing under distractions

  • Mild to moderate reactivity/excitement



In-Person Private Day Training

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Initial Online Session

45 minutes


Single Session

60 mintues


Virtual Follow-up/Maintanence

60 mintues



4 sessions

10% off


7 sessions

15% off


10 sessions

20% off



If it requires more than 20 minutes of public transportation from the trainer's location, an extra $30 will be added to each session.

Schedule A free Consultation

About Initial Online Session

This initial online session, scheduled during your free consultation, is required for most types of services. It is always done remotely via Google Meet because we will discuss important topics without your pet first, and we can see how your pet behaves naturally without the distraction of a novel person or change of environment.

If have questions before you start, please schedule a free consultation with us or fill out the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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During the initial session, we will:

  • Collect detailed information about your pet, including medical and training history, and if needed, observing your pet’s natural behavior through video

  • Identify your current concerns and goals

  • Explain our philosophy, methodology, and the basic scientific principles for learning

  • Develop a customized training plan for you and set expectations for your commitment outside of our training sessions

  • Provide management strategies and recommendations for equipments to acquire