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First, Schedule A free Consultation

In just 10 minutes, we will discuss your goals, explain how our services work, go over fees, logistics, and scheduling, help you move to the next step, and schedule an initial online session. There is no charge for this consultation, and no commitment is required.

then, an inital online session

About Initial Online Session

This initial online session, scheduled during your free consultation, is required for most types of services. It is always done remotely via Google Meet because we will discuss important topics without your pet first, and we can see how your pet behaves naturally without the distraction of a novel person or change of environment.

If have questions before you start, please schedule a free consultation with us or fill out the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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During the initial session, we will:

  • Collect detailed information about your pet, including medical and training history, and if needed, observing your pet’s natural behavior through video

  • Identify your current concerns and goals

  • Explain our philosophy, methodology, and the basic scientific principles for learning

  • Develop a customized training plan for you and set expectations for your commitment outside of our training sessions

  • Provide management strategies and recommendations for equipments to acquire

choose your service/package... happy training!

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