Customized boarding and training experience in the lovely home of one of our professional trainers.

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Not Your Typical Board-N-Train

Real Home Environment

Forget about boarding your dog with another 50 pets in a facility and staying in the crate 90% of the day. Our program is only conducted within our trainers' own homes and is custom designed for each individual furry friend with the highest standard for care and training protocols. 

Free Meet-N-Greet Session

Meet our trainers and have a comprehensive evaluation session before you decide - online or in person($195 in value). Your meet-n-greet session will be credited towards the full program price.

A Professional Team to Unleash Full Potential

Our entire team of expert trainers work on each case together to design, amend, and execute the training plan. We have meetings daily to ensure everything is on track.

Free Pick-up/Drop-off for Peace of Mind

Our staff members will pick up your dog from your home with private transportation and make sure they get home safe and happy on the last day.

Free Follow-up/Transfer Session

We understand the importance of consistency in training, and that's why we offer a free transfer session after our program ends($195 in value). In this session, our professional trainers will equip you with all the tools and knowledge you need to continue the training and maintain the good behaviors.

Unlimited Support After the Program

Training doesn't stop after drop-off. You will be automatically enrolled into our Chat With A Trainer program for FREE for the next 3 months($225 in value). Our professional trainers will answer any questions you have about training.


Board-N-Train Program

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1 Week

7 x 24hr days


2 Weeks

5% off


3 Weeks

10% off