frequently asked questions


What neighborhoods do you serve for in-person private sessions?

We have two locations: New York City and Orange County, California. The NYC location serves most areas in New York City, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, and parts of the Bronx, Queens, and New Jersey. The Orange County location serves 10-15 miles within Irvine, CA, 92618. However, if it requires more than 20 minutes of public transportation(NYC) or driving(OC) from the trainer's location, an extra $30 will be added to each session. If you are not sure whether you are within our service area, you can contact us.

Why is the initial session always done remotely via Google Meet?

It is always done virtually because we will discuss important topics without your pet first, including history, background, and expectations. If needed, I can also see how your pet behaves naturally without the distraction of a novel person or change of environment.

Is online training as effective as in-person training?

It is a common misconception that virtual private sessions don't work as well. Sometimes it might even be a better option! Here are some of the reasons why:
- Better and quicker results with a more focused dog
- Your dog learns to focus on YOU rather than the trainer
- Reducing excitement, fear, and stress caused by the presence of a novel person
- Less distractions for puppies and easily distracted dogs
- Less confusion for the dog by having to get used to different cues and sets of body language
- The trainer can also demo the training process better with another dog
- No commute time and less cost

Do you use dominance/punishment-based methods or equipments like electronic collars?

No, we do not use, advocate, or recommend methods that will cause physical pain to an animal. Our training tactics strictly adhere to guidance provided by the Humane Hierarchy and LIMA(least intrusive, minimally aversive) behavior intervention. Punishment is also usually less effective than reward-based training, because although it stops the behavior temporarily on the surface level, the motivation behind the behavior is often left unaddressed. The results are often unsustainable with dominance/punishment. Learn more about our methodology and why positive-reinforcement based training is better in our About page.

Training & Services

How should I prepare for the first in-person appointment?

We recommend having all three kinds of treats ready for each session: wow value(kibbles), mid value (packaged treats from pet stores), and high value(plain grilled chicken, deli slices like turkey and ham, hot dogs, cheese, and peanut butter). We also ask that you do not feed your pup at least three hours before the session. Lastly, especially for the first session, please make sure you have a chew toy your pup loves. This will help keep him/her distracted if we need time to talk.

Can I do private lessons with more than one dog? Is there an extra charge?

Yes! There isn’t an extra charge, but we would recommend adding length to each session since we will possibly be working with two dogs individually.

Should everyone in the family/living with the pet attend the sessions?

It is strongly recommended to have everyone in the household to get involved from the beginning. If it is difficult to coordinate everyone's schedule, we would like the primary caregiver(s) of your pet to attend.

How much time should I devote to training outside of our sessions?

Learning occurs all day every day, whether we’re paying attention or not! However, if you want to see progress with a new behavior, we suggest a minimum of two 5-minute “official” sessions each day.

What if I have questions between appointments?

All of our clients who purchased single sessions or packages after the initial consultation can ask questions in between sessions through email. We will answer within 24 hours.

Payment & Cancellation Policies

What is your payment policy? What methods of payment do you accept?

In order to hold your time slot for the appointment, full payment must be received at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time. For packages and other services/products, full payment must be received at least 24 hours before the first appointment included in the package.

We accept Venmo and Zelle through the company's account. We accept credit/debit cards but with a 3% fee.

What is your refund policy?

Once your payment has been processed or received, we cannot provide a refund. In lieu of a refund, you can transfer your sessions, packages, or purchases to another dog or another client. All private session packages expire within 6 months of date of purchase.

What happens if I have a scheduled appointment that I have to cancel or reschedule?

We require a 48-hour notice before the scheduled appointment time for cancellations and rescheduling. Appointments without the 48-hour notice will be charged 50% of the fee, or they can be rescheduled with half of the original appointment's length of time. No-show appointments or those canceled within 5 hours of the appointment will be charged 100%, and no refund will be issued. For emergencies and illnesses, we might be able to reschedule without a charge, determined on a case-by-case basis. We thank you for your understanding.

Do you offer any discounts?

If you refer a friend/family member to our services, you and the other client will both receive $15 off($30 discount in total) for your next purchase.